How to Pass a Drug Test?

The recommendation that follows a DWI or other alcohol and drug assessment is determined by not only administrative guidelines set forth by the NC DMV but also by the American Society of Addiction Medicine also known as ASAM. ASAM criteria serve as drug and alcohol addiction signs as a guideline to assist clinicians by serving as a framework for treatment placement with a focus on six dimensions. Those dimensions are Acute Intoxication and/or withdrawal potential, biomedical conditions and complications, emotional, behavioral, or cognitive conditions and complications, the client’s readiness to change, the potential of relapse, continued use, or continued problem potential, and the impact that the client’s environment has on his or her recovery. Based on such findings, the ASAM criteria is then analyzed in comparison with the DMV administrative guidelines, and a recommendation report is generated. For more information about  drug and alcohol addiction signs, as well as guidelines for treatment recommendations and other DWI or substance-related questions, please give our staff a call at Behavioral Health Intervention Center and we will be happy to assist you.

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