Mental Health Counseling

Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Internship Therapist in South Charlotte Currently Taking New Clients at Reduced Rates

Greg Bright

I am a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern who is also working towards my Certified Alcohol and Drug Counseling credentials. Throughout my training and internship, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations.

As a man who has been a husband, father, and widower, I have experienced the emotional highs and lows that are associated with my life experiences. My passion is to help those who are struggling with navigating these life transitions, whether those struggles be related to mental health, substance use, relationships, or a combination of any of these. I believe in integrating empathy and compassion into my sessions, while helping my clients change the thoughts and behaviors that underly their issues. My goal is to help my clients discover the strengths that they possess, so that they can navigate their own path to wellness.

Cameron Baldwin

We have all overcome obstacles no matter their size. But sometimes, it takes a more time than we would like. We may not be able to find a voice that enables us to navigate challenges effectively. A perceived inability to communicate when struggling with something ambiguous can be isolating. My own experience with mental struggles has allowed me to understand firsthand the isolation that can come from anxiety, depression, or other difficulties that just do not seem to go away. When learning to communicate about difficulties, it is helpful to try novel words to see if they are a good fit for expressing the internal experience we have. Trying these new words out in the safe company of another person is even more helpful. I am excited to start a conversation to search for the words that can make a difficult experience a little easier to navigate.