Drug Education Class

At Behavioral Health Intervention Center, we offer an Alcohol and Drug Education Courses. The Alcohol and Drug Education Courses are set up for the convenience of our clients. Convenience meaning that our Charlotte alcohol and drug education classes are a 2-day weekend program for adults or minors, held on Saturday and Sunday. At Behavioral Health Intervention Center our Alcohol and Drug Education Services are court approved in-person classes that are commonly required for legal citations or chargers such as, underage drinking, consumption of alcohol under 21, open container policies, simple possession of marijuana, or purchasing alcohol as a minor. Our Alcohol and Drug Education Services are hosted at our University Location (8401 Medical Plaza Drive, Suite 120, Charlotte NC, 28262).

At Behavioral Health Intervention Center, our main goal is to make the experience and process as simple as possible for our clients. We have multiple ways for adults or minors to sign up for our Alcohol and Drug Education Classes. Option 1. Online, via our main website, www.cbhic.com,  at the very top there is a “Sign Up” button. If you click that tab, it will direct you to a calendar with all the available classes to register for based on the weekend they are offered. Once you are on the webpage there will be a list of weekend classes. You can choose the one that is most convenient for you. You will complete the intake form and pay online with a credit or debit card. Option 2. At Behavioral Health Intervention Center, you have the ability to walk in and sign up in person. We do all walk-in sign ups at our University location. The staff at Behavioral Health Intervention Center will welcome you with kindness and respect. Option 3. Clients can register by phone as well by calling 704-458-9292.

If you are attending our Charlotte Alcohol and Drug Education Class for Adults and Minors and need to give a judge or lawyer a proof of registration letter showing that you are signed up for the course prior to completion, we will provide you with a proof of registration letter. During the Alcohol and Drug Education Classes you will complete group activities, individual activities, have an open discussion with the group leader, watch educational videos, and have the ability to connect with the other group members. At Behavioral Health Intervention Center, your Alcohol and Drug Education Counselor/ Instructor will have the characteristics of being open and honest, warmth, empathy, caring, understanding, and the main goal is to make the group educational and interesting.