How to Pass a Drug Test?

A frequent question that comes up when talking with clients is “How do I Pass a Drug Test”.

In order to pass a drug test, it is important to understand how long drugs stay in your system and what steps you must take to ensure that you pass.

Step #1- Begin a period of abstinence. If you discontinue the use of drugs, you are beginning the process of eliminating drugs from your system. This step is also coined detox.

Step #2- Understand the time that the presence of drugs is detectable in your system.

Depending on the quantity and frequency of use, drugs can be detectable in your system from just a few days to over a month. Specifically, Marijuana has the potential to be detected over a month following the last use.

For more information regarding the next steps to passing a drug test, reach out to the staff at Behavioral Health Intervention Center and we will be happy to offer assistance through our substance abuse intervention services.

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