Mental Health Assessment

At Behavioral Health Intervention Center, we provide Mental Health Assessments. When scheduling a Charlotte Mental Health Assessment, you will call the office and schedule an appointment, we do not provide walk in mental health assessments. The mental health assessment will consist of a series of questionnaires that will assess for depression, anxiety, substance use, mood disorders, and personality disorders. When scheduling a Mental Health Assessment, you will be greeted by one of our licensed clinical mental health counselors who demonstrates a warm, welcoming, and empathic environment to allows you to feel accepted and understood. During the assessment a series of questions exploring your stress levels, triggers, family dynamics, past trauma, substance using behaviors, and we will further explore your needs for other mental health and substance abuse treatment services.

Once the stress and anxiety screening is completed, the counselor will provide a recommendation for a number of clinical service hours or sessions needed to increasing life satisfaction and achieve therapeutic goals. Once the recommendation is set, the client and the counselor will schedule weekly or biweekly appointments based on your needs and goals for therapy. At Behavioral Health Intervention Center, our number one goal is to allow. Once the schedule is set between the client and counselor, we will start the therapeutic process which consist of creating a stress and anxiety treatment plan, completing counseling activities, exploring counseling interventions, and out of session homework. Throughout the counseling experience you and the counselor can adjust the stress and anxiety treatment plan when new goals are suggested or if the you want to work towards different goals. At Behavioral Health Intervention Center, we have a very open, free, and energetic environment for our clients to excel and increase their overall life satisfaction.

Please call 704-458-9292 to schedule your Charlotte mental health assessment today.