Overcoming Denial During Addiction

Denial during addiction afflicts every person involved. Whether that is the addict themselves, or their family members, when denial is associated with addiction it hinders the healing that can take place during addiction treatment. Denial during addiction manifests in many ways. These iterations include everything from a family denying that their loved one is suffering from an addiction to the addict misreading their problem as a mere habit. In order to fully benefit from addiction treatment, denial must be examined.

How Can You Overcome Denial During Addiction?

Identifying denial when it affects your circle of support is the first step to overcoming it. This can be done during individual or family therapy, creating a safe space for open and honest discussion. Once denial during addiction is identified plans can be set into place for overcoming it.

Make an appointment for detox therapy. Those suffering from an addiction should be clean and sober before denial can begin to dissipate. In order for honesty, there should be no use of abused substances. Oftentimes, those suffering from an addiction benefit from a detox program. Detox ensures that an addict can stop the use of drugs or alcohol in a safe as long as it is provide in a medically supervised environment.

Join a strong support group. Having a strong support group helps everyone affected by an addiction. Ensure that those in this group are healthy, non-using individuals. Having people who understand what you are going through, that are willing to engage in healthy and open discussion, will make overcoming denial possible.

Commit to a family therapy program during this time. Allowing those close to the addict to be supported by a trained addiction counselor is helpful, as discussion can be emotionally-driven. To avoid arguments, or poorly-directed conversation, an addiction counselor ensures that discussion happens productively.

Denial during addiction is something that everyone deals with. Becoming productive in overcoming it will make the recovery process extremely beneficial.

For help with overcoming an addiction. Give us a call and make an appointment to speak with a counselor. Behavioral Health Intervention Center offers several programs to help you get on the right track.

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