Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School

All ADETS drug and alcohol abuse participants at our Charlotte facility must be referred by a substance abuse assessor. The DWI education client must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible for ADETS:

  • A showing of no substance abuse handicap from the assessment
  • Must be first DWI charge
  • A Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .14 or less on the breathalyzer
  • Proof of referral into ADETS from the DWI substance abuse assessor
  • Cost is state regulated at $160.00


People in Charlotte often complete Driving while impaired (DWI) education or substance use assessment in cases where they want their driver’s license reinstated.  The assessment conducted by an authorized Driving While Impaired Provider (DWI) in North Carolina.  The assessment has a DWI education and drug alcohol abuse treatment recommendation to be followed.  This is usually correlated with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria, and the “the complete diving history” of the person being assessed, alongside the person’s court papers.

There are three criteria which a person has to fulfill, to meet before he/she can be qualified to enroll for the Alcohol Drug Education traffic school (ADETS). 

  1. The results of the substance abuse assessment have to reveal that the client does not have any form of substance abuse handicap;
  2. Proof the client’s BAC was 0.14% or less, not anything more than that.
  3. The client has to have never had any form of DWI conviction or Underage Consumption While Operating a Motor Vehicle

At the end of the assessment, the person might be either given a diagnosis or not; in the cases where the diagnosis is not provided, the person will be referred to a Charlotte DWI education program which is the Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School.  ADETS is a DWI education and drug and alcohol abuse program ongoing in most DWI facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina.  .

Being assigned to an ADETS class requires strict adherence to the expectations, which is completing a 16-hours of classes. The curriculum adopted by ADETS is Prime for life and meets the requirement by North Carolina.  For the North Carolina DWI clients, the amount is $160 for the ADETS class, while Out of State DWI clients in Charlotte will be required to pay $20 per hour per the number of DWI education hours their arresting state requires.

Our Charlotte drug and alcohol abuse curriculum is well detailed, and it focuses on program awareness, how to assess the person’s experience, facts about one’s mood-altering alcohol drug use, and most importantly, the development of a personal life plan after the program to reduce risky behaviors and alcohol and drug choices.  ADETS students are known as prime secondary prevention intervention targets, having suffered a form of mild legal consequence due to their drug and alcohol usage, hence the need for an education program that addresses the truth about alcohol and drugs and simultaneously helps in the dissemination of information, for their safety and personal well-being. It has three different methods which it employs, and they include;

Awareness and prevention which in the long run encourage a lifestyle of healthy choices, to enable the client effectively identify with the non-drug and alcohol abusing population and effectively blend in though, at this stage, the client might have used drugs or alcohol, the goal is strict to prevent them from substance misuse and abuse.

Based on the statistics drunk driving facilitates 31percent of all total traffic deaths in North Carolina. ADETS has been proven to be effective in dropping the frequency of these occurrence and reducing the number of deaths.  It is regarded as one of the most employed education class national in lowering the number of deaths around drinking and driving.  It plays a vital role in reducing injuries related to DWI in North Carolina.