So, what is a DUI/DWI Assessment?

In charlotte, it is absolutely important to take a DUI assessment if you have ever been convicted of driving while impaired. This is part of the drug and alcohol assessments that is taken to ensure safety of road and citizens who use it. Your DUI assessment like every other form of drug and alcohol assessments must be administered by a trained counsellor and can stand as an alibi in the case of a conviction.

 That is why you can’t afford to joke with such an important assessment. Although, the classes and assessments is usually recommended by the legal system to ensure that offenders do not become addicted and to enforce drug education. There are several facilities in Charlotte that can administer DUI assessment or other drug and alcohol assessments. 

Why should you take a DUI assessment? 

It teaches you about drugs and their effect: Before you can take a DUI assessment, you are required to attend a number of classes. These classes teach you the rudiments of drug education, how drug usage affect you and the environment you are in. These classes lead you up into taking your DUI assessment and for a lot of people, the classes have been an eye-opener. 

It is a trade-off for harsher punishment: Taking a DUI assessment and drug education classes in Charlotte is often a trade-off for much harsher punishments. The legal system has thus instituted DUI assessment in a bid to trade-off harsher punishment. This will also clear the backlog of legal cases that there are to solve while giving offenders time to learn how to be better. 

You know yourself even better: Drug and alcohol assessments allows you to take a holistic approach to the way you know yourself. Drug education and a DUI assessment have ways of making you look at some practices again and taking a stand that you wouldn’t have taken if you didn’t attend any class. 

It can be a life changer: DUI assessment result may be the difference between a lost legal case and one that was won. That is why you shouldn’t take any chances. It is in your best interest to therefore take a drug and alcohol assessment so that your lawyer can leverage on it. You should endeavor to do this before the judge requires it. 

With several other reasons why you should take a DUI assessment, you would be doing yourself a lot of disservice if you fail to take it. You can enroll for the class today. The class is advantageous as it will expose you to curtailing the dangers of drug abuse through proper drug education. 

Our center is ready to administer the DUI assessment on you whenever you are ready. All you need to do is register for our class and you are a step closer to having your DUI assessment conducted. Allow us to help you overcome this seemingly ghastly situation. With three different centers within Charlotte, all you have to do is call to book an appointment today.   

For more information on our Substance Abuse Assessments and Services, please call (704) 458-9292 or write today.

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