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ADETS Classes for North Carolina DWI Offenders

Our ADETS (Alcohol Drug Education Traffic/Training School) program, also known as Prime for Life, is designed to empower those who have faced DWI convictions, both within North Carolina and from other states. At BHIC, we understand the importance of responsible and informed choices regarding alcohol and drug use while promoting safe and responsible driving behaviors. Discover how our ADETS program can help you make meaningful changes in your life while fulfilling legal requirements.

ADETS Program Overview:

Our ADETS program adheres to the regulations set by the state of North Carolina. It's specifically recommended for individuals with a North Carolina DWI conviction, a BAC under .14, no prior DWIs, and no substance use diagnosis. This structured 5-day program is a crucial step in your journey towards DWI education and rehabilitation.

For Out-of-State DWI/DUI Cases:

BHIC extends its ADETS/Prime for Life program to individuals who have received DWI or DUI charges outside of North Carolina, be it in Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, New York, or any other state. Our Charlotte ADETS classes for DWI education are here to assist you in meeting your legal requirements.

Course Highlights:

During our ADETS program, you'll engage with a comprehensive workbook that delves into topics such as alcohol and drug effects on the body, impairment of drivers, DUI regulations, drinking patterns, choices, tolerance, and motivation for change. Our dedicated counselors and facilitators prioritize a positive group experience, encouraging open and respectful discussions. We aim to meet the unique needs of our clients while fostering a deeper understanding of DUI regulations.

Our Expert Team:

At BHIC, our ADETS/Prime for Life counselors and facilitators are warm, respectful, and highly motivated. They create a welcoming environment where group members can share their experiences, learn from one another, and leave with valuable insights into responsible alcohol and drug use and safe driving practices.

Ready to Begin?

Taking the first step toward DWI education and rehabilitation is as simple as contacting BHIC. Join us for our ADETS program, and upon completion, receive your Prime for Life Certificate. Our team will assist you in the process, including submitting your E508 form to the DMV.

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Program Eligibility:

To enroll in our North Carolina ADETS Program, you must meet specific criteria:

✔ Your assessment has not expired and indicates no substance use disorder diagnoses.

✔ Your blood alcohol content (BAC) is equal to or less than .14, and you have no prior convictions.

✔ You completed an assessment within the past 6 months and were recommended for ADETS.


Need help confirming eligibility for ADETS classes? 

Call Our office at 704-458-9292


We offer competitive pricing to accommodate your needs:

✔ $185 (State Regulated Fee) for North Carolina DWI Clients.

✔ $320 for Non-North Carolina DWI Clients.

Enrollment Directions:

To enroll in ADETS classes with Behavioral Health Intervention Center, please follow these steps:

Classes Meet Virtually Via ZOOM.

  1. Complete the Registration Forms:

    • Click the "Sign Forms Now" button below to access the registration forms.

    • Please ensure you read the form thoroughly.

    • Sign the form electronically.

  2. Make Your Payment:

    • Click the "Pay Now" button below to make your payment

    • Payment must be submitted before attending the class.

  3. Schedule Your Virtual ADETS Class:

    • Click the "Schedule Class Now" button to schedule your ADETS class

Please be sure to complete the registration forms, sign them, make your payment, and schedule your class using the provided links. Your payment must be received before you can attend the class. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Behavioral Health Intervention Center.

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