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Group Therapy

Your Path to Charge Dismissal

(Cognitive Behavioral Intervention) 
Program in Charlotte

Welcome to Behavioral Health Intervention Center's (BHIC) comprehensive 12-hour Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention (CBI) Program, available both in-person and online in Charlotte. Our program is authorized by the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office and is designed for individuals cited or arrested for misdemeanor violations like shoplifting, larceny, simple assault, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Program Overview:
  • BHIC's CBI Program offers an efficient solution for individuals seeking charge dismissal. After successfully completing our program, clients receive a certificate that can be presented in court for charge dismissal. The total cost for either the in-person or online cognitive-behavioral intervention program is just $200.00.

Registration Options:
  • Securing your spot is easy. Clients can register online through our web-based scheduling system or call us at 704-458-9292 to schedule an in-person registration appointment. Choose the option that suits your convenience.

Our Clients:
  • We serve individuals of all age groups, with a focus on professionals, young adults, and college students. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for those who may have made a one-time mistake leading to involvement with the criminal justice system.

Curriculum Highlights:
  • Our CBI program utilizes various experiential learning tools, including evidence-based workbooks, guest presenters, videos, group projects, and engaging activities. The program's objective is not to dictate choices but to inform clients about the potential consequences of illegal alcohol and drug use.

What is Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention (CBI)?
  • CBI is a psycho-educational approach that emphasizes cognitive restructuring and problem-solving. It helps individuals understand and change their thoughts and behaviors, promoting self-awareness and better decision-making.

The Process of CBI:
  • The CBI process involves learning and practical application. Clients acquire coping skills, enhance self-regulation, and gain insights into their behaviors and health. The goal is to empower individuals to take proactive steps toward symptom relief and recovery.

Who Benefits from CBI?
  • Our CBI program can benefit individuals dealing with a range of issues, including addiction, violations, shoplifting, public disturbances, anger management, and more. It's ideal for those comfortable with structured learning and willing to explore their thoughts and feelings to effect positive change.

Ready to Begin?

To see if you qualify and register for our CBI Program, contact us at 704-458-9292. Take the first step toward charge dismissal and personal growth today.

Using Phone and Laptop
Key Benefits:

✔ Mecklenburg County District Attorney Approved

✔ Certificate for Charge Dismissal

✔ In-Person and Online Options

✔ Cost-Effective at $200.00

✔ Convenient Scheduling

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