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Key Benefits:

✔ Court-Approved Classes

✔ Personalized Scheduling Options 

✔ Online and In Person Options

✔ Experienced and Compassionate Instructors

✔ Proof of Registration Completion Letter Available

Empowerment through Education

Alcohol and Drug Education Courses in Charlotte

Welcome to Behavioral Health Intervention Center, where we provide convenient and court-approved Alcohol and Drug Education Courses in Charlotte. Our goal is to simplify the process for our clients, offering classes that fit your schedule. Rather you are a student or full time worker we will customize a program that will prevent you from missing school or work.

Program Overview:
  • Our Alcohol and Drug Education Services cater to individuals facing legal citations or charges, including underage drinking, alcohol consumption under 21, open container violations, simple possession of marijuana, or minor purchasing of alcohol. 

Proof of Registration Letter:
  • If you need a proof of registration letter to provide to a judge or lawyer before completing the course, we've got you covered. We'll supply you with the necessary documentation.

Course Highlights:
  • Our Alcohol and Drug Education Classes offer a dynamic learning experience. During the program, you'll participate in group and individual activities, engage in open discussions with our group leaders, watch informative videos, and connect with fellow group members.

Our Instructors:
  • At Behavioral Health Intervention Center, our Alcohol and Drug Education Counselors and Instructors embody qualities like openness, honesty, warmth, empathy, care, and understanding. Our primary goal is to make the group educational and engaging.

Ready to Begin?

Join our Alcohol and Drug Education Courses and take a positive step towards meeting legal requirements while gaining valuable insights. Contact us at 704-458-9292 to register and secure your spot.

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