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Empower Your Recovery with Individual Alcohol & Drug Counseling

At Behavioral Health Intervention Center, we offer a personalized path to recovery through our Individual Alcohol and Drug Counseling services. We understand that your journey to overcoming substance abuse is unique, and our certified substance abuse counselors are here to guide and support you every step of the way. With a client-centered approach that values your voice, our individual counseling sessions are designed to help you set and achieve your substance abuse goals while providing a warm and empathetic environment. Discover how our Charlotte-based services can empower you on your path to recovery.

Customized Counseling

BHIC offers Short-Term or Long-Term Individual Substance Abuse Counseling, tailored to your unique needs. Your counselor will collaborate with you to select activities and interventions that resonate with your progress.

Assessment Process:

Your journey begins with a comprehensive assessment. We offer various assessments, including DWI assessment, Alcohol Assessment, and General Assessment. These assessments help determine the right path for your recovery.

✔ Personalized Substance Abuse Counseling

✔ Certified and Compassionate Counselors

✔ Flexibility in Scheduling

Client-Centered Approach

Your feedback matters. Our counselors value your input and constantly seek it to ensure your counseling experience aligns with your goals. BHIC's counselors are energetic, passionate, and dedicated to your success.

Your Substance Abuse Journey

BHIC respects, cares for, understands, and motivates you throughout your substance abuse journey. We're here to support the changes you want to make in your life.

Meet the Team

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