DWI and DUI Assessments and Classes in North Carolina >

A driver convicted of a DWI charge in Charlotte, North Carolina, must complete a substance abuse assessment and go through some form of addiction and DWI classes or treatment program to reinstate drivers’ license if found guilty or advised by their attorney.  Charlotte, North Carolina DWI Assessments and DWI Classes  recommended in accordance to the ASAM criteria.  Alcohol and Drug Education and DWI Classes are recommended to the drunk driver based on Prior Lifetime DWI Conviction, Refusal of a chemical test or (BAC)  at the time of the arrest, and when the Substance Abuse Assessment reviles a diagnosis.


Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI Class) >

The 12- Hour Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI) educational program is typically sought out or assigned to clients who were charged with shoplifting, assault, disorderly conduct, or another type of misdemeanor crime that could have been avoid if the person used better judgment and decision making skills.


Drug Education Class >

The 15-hour Drug Education class is for clients who have been charged with a misdemeanor violation such as possession, under age consumption, or distribution.


ADETS-Prime for Life >

Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS) is a 16-hour education program geared toward preventing the recidivism of drinking and driving.


General Substance Abuse Assessment >

A general Charlotte substance abuse assessment is required in order to determine if the client has a problem with alcohol or other drugs and to assist with proper placement in a education or treatment program.


DOT-SAP Assessments > 

When a Department of Transportation (DOT) professional refuses or test positive on a drug screen they are required to complete a program with a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).  One the employee has complete the DOT-SAP program they will be able to return to work.


Individual Substance Abuse Counseling >

We offer individual Charlotte substance abuse counseling, addiction and DWI classes for clients who are not ready to start a group treatment program or who may be ambivalent about getting help regarding their alcohol or drug use.

Behavioral Health Intervention Center

Behavioral Health Intervention Center, LLC is a North Carolina state licensed outpatient substance abuse assessment facility with three Charlotte-Mecklenburg locations.  We provide Driving While Impaired (DWI) and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) classes and substance abuse assessments for North Carolina and Out-of-State clients. BHIC also provides the Charlotte area with Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS), short-term and long-term outpatient addiction treatment, Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP), court/probation, school and employer approved Drug Education, and Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CBI), Department of Transportation -Substance Abuse Professional (DOT-SAP), Drug Testing, Individual and Family counseling, and counselor training and supervision.

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DWI and Substance Abuse Services

DWI Assessments

DWI/DUI (NC & Other States)

We offer DWI/DUI assessments and classes 7 days a week.

Alcohol/Drug Education

Alcohol & Drug Education and CBI Classes

Our CBI and Drug Education classes can be completed in one weekend on Saturday and Sunday.


DOT-SAP Program

Get back to work fast and let us reinstate your CDL or DOT license now.

Substance Abuse

Out-Patient Substance Abuse Counseling

We offer out-patient and intensive-outpatient substance abuse treatment services in Charlotte, North Carolina.

DWI Assessments

Drug & Alcohol Assessment

Schedule an assessment seven days a week across three convenient locations.


ADETS (Alcohol & Drug Education Traffic School)

Get signed up today for our next ADETS training.

Substance Abuse Assessment

Individual and Group Substance Abuse Counseling

Call our office to inquire about our individual therapy services.

Counselor/Therapist Supervision

We provide individual and group supervision for therapist and counselors working toward Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFT) and Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS) credentialing.

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