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DOT-SAP Assessment Services at BHIC

If you or someone you know in Charlotte needs a Department of Transportation (DOT) SAP Assessment, Behavioral Health Intervention Center (BHIC) is here to help. Our experienced team of online drug education and evaluation experts is ready to assist. DOT regulations (49 CFR Part 40) require a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) to evaluate employees who have violated DOT drug and alcohol regulations. The SAP makes recommendations regarding drug education and evaluation, treatment programs, follow-up testing, and aftercare.

Understanding DOT-SAP:

The Department of Transportation (DOT) federal regulation (49 CFR Part 40) defines the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) as an evaluator who assesses employees following a DOT drug and alcohol violation. SAPs make recommendations regarding drug education and evaluation, treatment programs, follow-up testing, and aftercare.

DOT-SAP Process:

The DOT-SAP process starts with a confirmed violation, such as a positive test for alcohol or illicit drugs. The operator (e.g., CDL truck driver, flight attendant, pipeline worker) must cease safety-sensitive duties and contact a qualified SAP for a face-to-face substance abuse assessment (cost $250.00). Following the assessment, the operator receives a recommendation, often requiring drug/alcohol treatment or education, like Alcohol Drug Education Training School (ADETS) in North Carolina (8-16 hours).

Returning to Duty:

After completing the recommended drug education or treatment and contacting the SAP for a follow-up appointment, the operator can attend the Return to Duty appointment. Upon completion, the employer (or last employer) receives a Return to Duty Letter (cost $250.00). CDL holders in North Carolina must visit the Department of Motor Vehicles to reinstate their licenses.

Follow-Up Testing:

The DOT mandates clean drug/alcohol return to duty tests, observed by your employer. Additionally, the SAP may order a minimum of 6 random drug tests in the first year and potentially more over up to 5 years (60 months).

Get Back to Work:

BHIC's SAP professionals in Charlotte are qualified for federal drug and alcohol treatment, meeting U.S. DOT requirements for CDL truck operators, pipeline workers, aviation employees, and more. We offer appointments 7 days a week to help you return to work swiftly.

Ready to Begin?

To initiate the process and regain your ability to work, please call us at 704-458-9292 to schedule your DOT-SAP Assessment appointment today.

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Key Benefits:

✔ Expert DOT-SAP Assessment

✔ Same-Day Assessments

✔ Flexible Scheduling Options

✔ Get Back to Work Faster!

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