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Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Welcome to Behavioral Health Intervention Center, your trusted partner in fostering a healthy and thriving work environment. We specializes in seamlessly integrating the following eight core technologies into our employee assistance programs (EAP), providing a holistic and supportive approach tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization:


We offer specialized EAP consultation directed toward your organization's  leadership—managers, supervisors, and union stewards. For example, upon securing a contract with your organization, we conduct comprehensive training sessions to educate supervisors on EAP services. We assist in identifying work performance concerns, coaching managers on documentation, and providing tools for effectively addressing employee issues.

Promotion of EAP Services:
Our commitment extends to creating awareness and encouraging the use of EAP services among your organization's employees and their dependents. Through the use of newsletters, health fairs, onsite workshops, and webinars, we engage with your organization, ensuring that every employee is informed and empowered to access our supportive services.

Your organization's employees can rely on our confidential assessment services for personal issues impacting job performance. For instance, if an employee seeks mental health or substance use counseling, we gather essential information, screen for risk factors, and refer them to an affiliated EAP counselor for a thorough assessment, leading to appropriate referrals for further support.

Constructive Confrontation:
We utilize constructive confrontation as a tool to facilitate employee referrals to our EAP. When your organization's managers consult with us regarding performance issues, we guide them through private meetings with employees. Managers express concerns, outline performance problems, and recommend our confidential counseling services, emphasizing their accessibility and free nature services for employees facing work performance challenges.

Your organization can count on our EAP for comprehensive employee client referrals for diagnosis, treatment, and assistance. After assessing an employee/client, if short-term counseling is insufficient, our counselors provide pre-screened referrals for diagnosis and therapy, ensuring ongoing support and follow-up.

Resource Development:
We actively establish and maintain effective relationships between your organization and treatment providers. Our EAP counselors network with local treatment resources, ensuring seamless referrals and linking your organization's employees with specialists meeting their specific needs. Additionally, we maintain relationships with subcontractors offering work-life services.

Health Insurance Advocacy:
We assist your organization in supporting employee health benefits covering medical and behavioral problems. Collaborating with your organization, we review the employee health insurance plan to ensure access to comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services.

Continuous monitoring and evaluation are integral to our EAP services. We work with your organization to assess the impact of our EAP on the organization and individual employee job performance. Surveys, such as client satisfaction surveys, provide valuable insights into productivity, attendance, and quality of work.

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Alcohol and Substance Treatment

DOT-SAP Evaluations
Non-DOT SAP Evaluations
DWI/DUI Services
Court-Mandated/Child Custody
Drug Education
Outpatient Treatment
Case Management
Support Groups (AA/NA/Al-Anon)
Tobacco and Smoking Cessation

Mental, Emotional, & Physical Wellness

Mental Health Assessment
Individual Counseling
Group Counseling 
Support Groups 
Case Management and Referrals
Anger Management 

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Happy Family

Family and Personal Matters

Family/Relationship Counseling 
Batterer Intervention Program (Domestic Violence)
Parenting Classes
Money Management 

Legal Aid Services 

Attorney Referrals 

Contract Reviews
Criminal Law

Family Law

Lawyer with Clients
Business Meeting

Staff Development 

Conflict Resolution
Staff Mediation
Career Coaching
Career Planning
Degree and Cert. Pursuits
Life Coaching

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