Individual Alcohol and Drug Counseling

At Behavioral Health Intervention Center you have the option to seek out individual Substance Abuse counseling. Individual Substance abuse counseling is a time set aside for you to reach your substance abuse goals. Your Chalotte individual drug and alcohol counseling will look like you are creating your personal goals with your counselor. Here at Behavioral Health Intervention Center, we believe in allowing the client to have a voice in their recovery. The counselor is there as a guide to help reach the goals you have set for yourself. When seeking out individual drug and alcohol counseling services at our Charlotte office, you will be taken care of by a certified substance abuse counselor who has the characteristics of warmth, understanding, respectful, empathy, the ability to connect with clients, good communication skills, and the ability to attend to your needs.

The process of your Chalotte individual drug and alcohol counseling services starts with an assessment. We offer a range of assessments: DWI assessment, Alcohol Assessment, or a General Assessment. DWI assessments come from being charged with a DWI and you are seeking out hours to receive your driver’s license back. Some former clients have chosen to complete individual substance abuse therapy instead of large group. Seeking an alcohol Assessment, we have the ability to help you find where you stand with addiction or unhealthy behavior patterns. Lastly, General Assessments look at all forms of drugs to help guide you in gaining knowledge of your substance use patterns. Once your assessment has been completed, you will be recommended for suggest hours for individual substance abuse counseling. After receiving the information from the DWI, Alcohol, General Assessment we have the ability to offer Short term or Long-Term Individual Substance Abuse Counseling. As a client here at Behavioral Health Intervention Center, you have the ability to schedule an appointment with your Substance Abuse Counselor as soon as you need, after your assessment is completed. Behavioral Health Intervention Center’s Substance Abuse Counselors have flexible schedules and work Monday – Friday.

Your individual substance abuse counseling experience is going to be individualized to you. Meaning, your counselor will have options for you to choose from when it comes to activities or interventions. You as a client will have the ability to share what you find successful or unsuccessful to your counselor during your individual substance abuse counseling experience. At Behavioral Health Intervention Center, our certified substance abuse counselors understand that the counseling experience is about the clients, therefore our counselors ask for constant feedback to make sure the client’s needs are being properly met. Here at Behavioral Health Intervention Center our Substance Abuse Counselors have high energy, very passionate, and love helping clients work toward their personal substance abuse goals. As a client here at Behavioral Health Intervention Center you will be respected, cared for, understood, and motivated for the changes you want to make in your substance abuse journey.